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Welcome to Honey Australia!

Our Story – Honey Australia began in Mudgee, NSW, Australia in the mid-1990s and has gone from strength to strength – growing steadily in annual turnover from 200 tonnes in 2015 to 500 tonnes in 2019.

In its pursuit of the best quality honey products, Honey Australia both sources and exports selected honeys internationally. Honey Australia has developed from a regional honey producer and retailer into a company with global reach, means that it imports and exports from and to places such as, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, UK and the USA.

Recent growth has been Honey Australia’s response to, and passion for, sustainable bee farming.
Honey is truly one of the world’s finest natural products and is not only excellent for consumption but is increasingly being used for medicinal purposes.
At Honey Australia we believe that the closer to nature a product is, the better it is for human consumption and health. This is evidenced in the expanding body of research that testifies to the benefits of honey, especially organic and manuka honey.

Manuka Honey – the growing popularity and demand for Manuka honey due to its high-grade antibacterial properties is also an exciting development. As well as sourcing Manuka from New Zealand, Honey Australia is actively promoting Australian Manuka honey which is meticulously sourced from Australia’s pristine coastline forests and bushland from the highly sought-after Leptospermum Manuka flower.

Organic Honey – in response to the global demand for sustainable farming, Honey Australia has concentrated on producing, sourcing and distributing organic & manuka honey. While organic and manuka honey represented only 10% of Honey Australia’s turnover just 5 years ago, today it represents more than 60% of turnover and this trend is set to increase.

To meet the growing global demand for certified organic honey, Honey Australia has developed exclusive supply agreements with selected local honey producers to bring the best of their products to the Australian consumer. This has been made possible due to flourishing relationships with suppliers & producers.

Quality Certification – Honey Australia prides itself in product development, manufacturing and distribution. In pursuit of the highest quality standards Honey Australia is certified under the rigorous international standards of HACCP – an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. B Safe, is our Honey HACCP accreditation.
Certified Organic Honey – Honey Australia is accredited with Australia Certified Organic (ACO) and is now supplying 100% natural and pure organic honey, that is GMO Free.
Organic Certification – is a rigorous process which requires the implementation of an organic certification program. Attaining and maintaining Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certification demands adherence to a strict quality control program from beehive to bottling.
Organic certification involves a program of audits by qualified certifiers who personally visit all bee sites. Honey Australia’s beehives are situated in dense national parks at least 10 kilometres from crops and wineries to ensure no sprays or chemicals affect the hives – bees only travel within a 6 kilometers radius of the hive.

Honey Australia’s Raw Organic Honey, collected from its hives in Central West NSW is unpasteurised, unprocessed and unfiltered, retaining the full natural goodness raw honey has to offer!
BeePower Pollen and Eucalyptus Honey fusion has been a success for BeePower International, a subsidiary of Honey Australia, with its increasing demand in the Australian, Asian, and the UK markets.

Unique Honey Products: Honey Australia continues explore new product innovation to provide the highest quality and most innovative honey products with creations such as:
BeePower Natures Superfood – pollen and eucalyptus honey fusion see … www.beepower.com.au
Gourmet flavoured honey including chili, ginger, cinnamon, lavender, and many more
BeePower honeycomb
Private Label is available to wholesale customers who want their own honey brand or to create corporate gifts!
Where to find Honey Australia products
Honey Australia specialises in distribution to the leading health food chains in Australia, grocery markets, pharmacies, and other retail and wholesale channels.
Please contact us online if you wish to explore the opportunities at www.honeyaustralia.net.au

Honey Australia bringing the best honey produce to the world

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