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Kiri Kiwifruit Skincare

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Antioxidant Kiwifruit – Cleansing Soap

$9.99 (excl. GST)

Freshly scented and enriched with real Kiwifruit seeds, our cleansing soap will lather up quickly, filling the air with a clean fresh fragrance.

Antioxidant Kiwifruit – Body Lotion

$20.90 (excl. GST)

Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil and Kiwifruit Seed Oil, this Body Lotion will sink into your skin, re-hydrating it, and restoring the skin’s moisture balance; while nourishing and protecting dry, damaged and sensitive skin.

Antioxidant Kiwifruit – Hand Cream

$14.54 (excl. GST)

KIRI® Kiwifruit Hand Cream is a soothing light luxurious cream, formulated with Kiwifruit Seed Oil, rich in Vitamin E, that will soften dry hands replenishing and nourishing your skin.

Antioxidant Kiwifruit – Face Moisturiser

$20.90 (excl. GST)

Rich in Vitamins E and A, and Rosehip Oil, this creamy moisturiser is a lightly textured product that will soften your skin, hydrating it for all day moisture.

Antioxidant Kiwifruit – Lip Balm

$10.90 (excl. GST)

KIRI® Kiwifruit Lip Balm is formulated with Kiwifruit Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil, which will soothe and moisturise sore dry lips.

Antioxidant Kiwifruit – Face Wash

$13.63 (excl. GST)

KIRI® Kiwifruit Face Wash is a gentle cleansing product for your skin, created with Kiwifruit Seed Oil, Extracts, and Rosehip Oil which is a natural moisturiser.

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