BeePower Honey Pollen Fusion

It’s not just any honey – it’s a unique Low Gi EUCALYPTUS HONEY and BEE POLLEN infusion!
Infusing two of nature’s most powerful and effective ingredients.
Honey & pollen are the superfoods even recommended by Hippocartes 2,500 years ago. And perhaps most importantly, thanks to its pollen content, BeePower has measurable anti-oxidant activity.

A unique fusion of fresh Western Australian bee pollen and Australian Eucalyptus honey, two of natures most powerful and effective ingredients. UBF +30 Antibacterial activities, Bee-Power will help you boost your immune system. Contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Proudly Australian Made
Boosts Energy, Vitality and Stamina
Helps Digestion
Fight Free Radicals
Helps Manage Stress
Antimicrobial Action
Builds Immune System
A Multitude of Vitamins and Minerals
Low GI and Omega 3 Rich
98% Fat Free

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