"限量版,,en,手Pured,,en,限量版,,en,手Pured,,en - Hand Poured"


Beepower is proud to bring you this Limited Edition jar of Australian Manuka Honey. Australian Manuka honey is recognised around the world for its rare and unique anti-bacterial properties. Harvested in Australian from our bees, who carefully collect pollen and nectar from the Jelly Bush also know as the Manuka tree. The MGO (Methylglyoxal) and NPA (非過氧化物活性,,en,是其測量麥盧卡蜂蜜的等級和活動兩個indocators,,en,這種獨特的罐子已經被單獨測試,並與活動水平的quarantee認證,,en,我們希望你喜歡這個特別的蜂蜜一樣,我們做,,en) are the two indocators which measure the grade and activity of Manuka Honey. This unique jar has been individually tested and certified with a quarantee of activity level. We hope you enjoy this special honey as much as we do!